06/26/2021 rahelzeier

Song Rider

Brent Moyer, the Global Cowboy, releases his ninth CD, SONG RIDER, on Brambus Records.

Bucking out of the chute on Brent Moyer’s new CD, SONG RIDER, is „Just Passing Through“, a look through the rear view mirror at life’s twists and turns. „The Radio“ goes back to Moyer’s early days of first hearing music through an old radio sitting on the window sill. There’s a song about a bicycle ride into the mountains way before mountain biking was cool, „Jenny Lake“, and about the carefree days of youth; sitting on the bank by the river watching the river flow by, „Working For The County“. He also touches on life as a troubadour, „The Minstrel”; traveling, searching and always longing to be home, ”I’m At Home“. It’s about believing in the magic of „Some Lucky Stardust“….being a Song Rider…grabbing an idea and riding it to the top of the world, a dream spider, weaving a world wide refrain, a word glider, riding the melody range…a Song Rider.

This is a nice mix of Moyer originals; country swing, ballads and a beautiful instrumental, „Easter Rain.“ Sit back, relax and enjoy some classic Global Cowboy music.

Check out some of the new songs now!