05/09/2013 rahelzeier

Global Cowboy

Brent Moyer has just finished recording his latest CD, Global Cowboy, his fourth production for Swiss-based Brambus Records. Global Cowboy is a lively collection of original songs that cover the different styles that Moyer slips so comfortably into; Cajun/Tex-Mex, Americana and Country-Rock. This CD shines with Moyer’s fine ability as a musician. He plays many of the instruments on the CD himself and also features some of Nashville’s finest pickers. Brent Moyer has turned his love of travel into his motto – Global Cowboy – his way of life. With his empathized rhythm and sensitive lyrics, he invites everyone to be part of it. His new CD is an impressive voyage into time and space.

„Fresh Water Pirates“ takes us back to his youth, where „jamming“ on Wyoming’s Snake River was essential for Brent and his friends instilling in him his laid-back, wide-open approach to his music. Not only does this CD feature some good ole honky-tonk, sing-along anthems like „Hillbilly Wine“ and „We Love You Man“, it also takes us, with the help of a Beatle..ish string arrangement and spooky electric guitar, through the dark alleys of a mysterious and exciting Prague in the song „Bohemia“. On the lighter side, the Tex-Mex romp, „King & Queen“, is a feisty little tune about a carefree, adventurous couple on the Mexican border and features his sparkling trumpet. The popish, radio-friendly songs, „Wind, Water, Fire & Time“ and „Next Time“ also feature some nice horn arrangements and luscious harmonies. The song „Restless“, penned with Joe Sun, features Joe as a guest vocalist and is the most rocking song on the CD and „Too Cool For Words“ is just that, too funky and way too cool.

Co-writers include music row hit makers, Ron Davies (Too Cool For Words), Wayne Carson (Blessing In Disguise), Will McClean (One Night In June), Jimmy Lewis (Wind, Water, Fire & Time), Jeff Stewart (Next Time), Tim DeBolt (King & Queen Of Tomorrow) and Joe Sun (Restless).


  • Wind, Water, Fire & Time
  • Bohemia
  • Restless
  • One Night In June
  • Too Cool For Words
  • King & Queen of Tomorrow
  • Devil’s Right Hand
  • Hillbilly Wine
  • We Love You Man
  • Fresh Water Pirates
  • Must Be Paradise
  • Next Time
  • Blessing In Disquise